Living alone? 8 tips to get you through

It’s a funny thing to live alone. I have recently moved back to London due to the opportunity to work practically on my course, and this means I am now back to living on my own. I’ve had this experience at the beginning of this academic year and again, now. Both times, I was goingContinue reading “Living alone? 8 tips to get you through”

Netflix, Amazon or Disney +? Which streaming service is the best?

You’re turning your TV on, but nothing interesting is on. You’re turning to Netflix and there is nothing you like or not the movie you want to see. You see the recommended titles and it irritates you that they don’t have it. You turn to other platforms and suddenly see a whole range of services.Continue reading “Netflix, Amazon or Disney +? Which streaming service is the best?”

How To Read More Books In 2021

Tsundoku (noun, Japanese)buying books and not reading them; letting books pile up unread on shelves and floors and nightstands Oniochalasia (noun, English)buying or shopping as a method of stress relief or relaxation Raise your hand if you’re guilty of one or both of the above. Looking around my room now, I have books on myContinue reading “How To Read More Books In 2021”

Small Pleasures

It’s cold. It’s dark. It’s only 4pm. January plus lockdown is proving to be a difficult combination to get through. Getting anything done, being remotely productive or feeling any excitement about the day and week ahead has it’s challenges. So I need this reminder as much as anybody else; focus on finding the small pleasuresContinue reading “Small Pleasures”

4 Books You Need To Read In Lockdown

In the midst of quarantine and yet another national lockdown, people have found different ways to entertain themselves and make the most of the involuntary surplus of time on our hands. While it’s easy to lose yourself in that new Netflix show or broadening your horizons in the culinary world, I have personally found myselfContinue reading “4 Books You Need To Read In Lockdown”

Occupying Yourself During Lockdown – is Running Safe at Night?

Another lockdown has greeted us in the early days of the new year. Yes, we all expected better. We all hoped for a new year to be a new start, a new way of thinking, of succeeding, of being a healthier country, particularly with the new vaccine coming our way. But here we are, stampedContinue reading “Occupying Yourself During Lockdown – is Running Safe at Night?”

New Year, Same You

It’s a new year, 2021 has arrived and as we say goodbye to a year that has changed all our lives in so many ways, it seems we have not been given a rest bite from the onslaught of advertisements that appear at the start of every January. Despite the strangeness of these times andContinue reading “New Year, Same You”

Keeping a healthy diet at University

Learning to be self-sufficient is perhaps the most important skill a student learns during their first year at university. Most of us balance an incredible workload: family, friends, work, independent study, and of course, there are lectures and seminars to attend. It’s perhaps undoubtedly why the BMC Obesity group report in their 2015 study thatContinue reading “Keeping a healthy diet at University”

Tips For Studying Abroad: As Told By An EU Student

The process of picking the right university is often a difficult task. Choosing the best course, working on your grades and writing personal statements are all vital components of ensuring that your embarkment on the path of higher education is fulfilling and worthwhile. A factor that is not always at the forefront of everyone’s worriesContinue reading “Tips For Studying Abroad: As Told By An EU Student”

Feminism Society – Interview with President Nele Leitolf (Short version)

To read the full interview with Nele and find out even more about the Feminism Society, click here. Describe your society in one sentence We are fighting for equality, defending women’s rights, having fun and making friends at the same time. What is your main goal/plan as a society? “That’s a tough one because obviouslyContinue reading “Feminism Society – Interview with President Nele Leitolf (Short version)”