Tips For Studying Abroad: As Told By An EU Student

The process of picking the right university is often a difficult task. Choosing the best course, working on your grades and writing personal statements are all vital components of ensuring that your embarkment on the path of higher education is fulfilling and worthwhile. A factor that is not always at the forefront of everyone’s worriesContinue reading “Tips For Studying Abroad: As Told By An EU Student”

Writer’s Block: How To Crush It

Writer’s block: it’s a cruel mistress. It strikes when it wishes and doesn’t care about your oncoming deadlines. It hits especially hard when you’re studying creative writing, literature or anything like that. It’s like you’re standing in front of a wall – too high to climb and too wide to walk around. But remember this:Continue reading “Writer’s Block: How To Crush It”

The ‘new normal’ of studying: We’re all there with you

I think we can all agree these are strange times, and that the university experience we’re all having right now might not be reflecting what we originally imagined when we applied to university. I’m an English literature and drama student; the other day, I found myself in the loft/converted office space at home, wearing aContinue reading “The ‘new normal’ of studying: We’re all there with you”

Time management from a professional procrastinator

As a first-year university student, there are a lot of new things to get used too. However, perhaps the most important is time management. I wouldn’t say I’m the best at time management, far from it! But, given the heavy workload, I understand the importance of effective time management. Considering I’m a professional procrastinator, IContinue reading “Time management from a professional procrastinator”

Feminism Society – Interview with President Nele Leitolf (Short version)

To read the full interview with Nele and find out even more about the Feminism Society, click here. Describe your society in one sentence We are fighting for equality, defending women’s rights, having fun and making friends at the same time. What is your main goal/plan as a society? “That’s a tough one because obviouslyContinue reading “Feminism Society – Interview with President Nele Leitolf (Short version)”

‘WOOOOOO’: Rimini Tour 2k19

Well. As I crawl my way back into Daniel Defoe after a 22-hour coach journey that spanned 5 countries- my head shaven, my voice ruined, €700-poorer and my pink, zebra-print thong riding up my arse, only one thought runs through my mind, ‘I f**king love tour!’ However much I never want to see a BacardiContinue reading “‘WOOOOOO’: Rimini Tour 2k19”

What happens when Gaming and Fitness come together?

On Saturday 23rd February, Greenwich Anime and Gaming took to a new extreme; they arranged an event, which would bring light to how gaming could have a positive impact not just on physical health, but also mental health and the community. This event was a Pokémon Go Charity Walk in aid of Special Effect GamingContinue reading “What happens when Gaming and Fitness come together?”

University Mental Health Day 2019

In the blur of the 2019 GSU Elections Week was a day of events and stalls for University Mental Health Day. Across Greenwich, Medway and Avery Hill, staff, students and externals came together to run a program which promoted the new University Health and Wellbeing Strategy. Click here to read more about it! This strategyContinue reading “University Mental Health Day 2019”

Elections and All That- a Helpful Guide to the SU Elections – By an experienced Candidate

Every year Greenwich Students’ Union hold elections to decide which students will be the leadership for the following year. There are two kinds of role up for grabs: part-time and full-time roles. The game has been changed this year with big implications on the voting that begins 4th of March. This is article includes everythingContinue reading “Elections and All That- a Helpful Guide to the SU Elections – By an experienced Candidate”

Help! I’m Drowning in Books! 3 Tips to Survive the Bookload

When I first started studying at Greenwich, I was completely overwhelmed with the workload, which mostly consisted of what seemed to me at the time (and sometimes still does) as tonnes and tonnes of reading. I think most of us will agree that it’s a big shock, perhaps particularly when coming to uni straight fromContinue reading “Help! I’m Drowning in Books! 3 Tips to Survive the Bookload”