The Cheer Team- Interview with Chairlady, Coach and Events Sec

The Cheer Team is well established part of Team Greenwich. They have many members and are sociable with many other sports teams. The Crow’s Nest interviewed Chairlady, Yoshie Reza Fuentes, Coach, Hannah Upton and Events Secretary, Danielle Lynn. Here is what they had to say about their team! Describe your team in one sentence. ‘OurContinue reading “The Cheer Team- Interview with Chairlady, Coach and Events Sec”

‘WOOOOOO’: Rimini Tour 2k19

Well. As I crawl my way back into Daniel Defoe after a 22-hour coach journey that spanned 5 countries- my head shaven, my voice ruined, €700-poorer and my pink, zebra-print thong riding up my arse, only one thought runs through my mind, ‘I f**king love tour!’ However much I never want to see a BacardiContinue reading “‘WOOOOOO’: Rimini Tour 2k19”