Training Day

My mother stuck soap on the grooves of my teeth, purging my mouth of its sins, teaching me to taste my words before spitting them out. I did no such thing. Burnt by my tongue, I was fed whiskey and wine to keep my words sweet. “Your tongue can be a tool”, she said. “Learn how … Continue reading Training Day


Why you killing your brothers? Violating your sisters? In a world like today, Where you can get paid  For shit like, watching video games. You’d rather be on the block, Licking shots; Carrying that shank, buning’ that dank, To look and act like your bad Or to shield from those that do. Wahgwan for yous? … Continue reading Wahgwan


You whisper in my ear "it's a new day" and wake me with your warm kiss, hello again. Reaching for the curtain, I expose your golden beams that dance across my body, flooding my bedroom with comforting heat. Pull me close into your orange glory, beg me to stay. My duties are calling but you … Continue reading 6AM