The Fight For Independent Media

Recently, an event occurred in Poland which saw the Polish government attempting to control the flow of independent media in the entire country. Due to the fact that this was a pivotal moment that was mostly ignored by international media even though it carries extremely heavy complications to the rights of Polish citizens, I decidedContinue reading “The Fight For Independent Media”

How Bon Ton can get you out of uncomfortable situations

Have you ever been in that situation where you didn’t know whether you should tell a person in front of you that they have something stuck between her teeth?Have you ever been introduced to someone and you didn’t really know wether you should shake hands, or just smile or say something?Well, bon ton, or “goodContinue reading “How Bon Ton can get you out of uncomfortable situations”

Why Americans are Impeaching Now

On January 7th, the four hour insurrection at the United States Capitol dominated the news internationally, with governments, celebrities, and brands across the world publicly condemning the violence, white supremacy, and attempted overthrow of democracy. In the days following, there have been a number of responses to how the American government should handle the presidentContinue reading “Why Americans are Impeaching Now”

New Year, Same You

It’s a new year, 2021 has arrived and as we say goodbye to a year that has changed all our lives in so many ways, it seems we have not been given a rest bite from the onslaught of advertisements that appear at the start of every January. Despite the strangeness of these times andContinue reading “New Year, Same You”

Irrational fear.

Fear, such a small word but with huge effects. Fear of the unknown, fear of the dark, fear of failure. The verb translates as to be afraid of someone or something as likely to be dangerous, painful, or harmful. But what about the unfounded fears? The untypical fears. Some people are afraid of tomato sauce, for example,Continue reading “Irrational fear.”

The ‘new normal’ of studying: We’re all there with you

I think we can all agree these are strange times, and that the university experience we’re all having right now might not be reflecting what we originally imagined when we applied to university. I’m an English literature and drama student; the other day, I found myself in the loft/converted office space at home, wearing aContinue reading “The ‘new normal’ of studying: We’re all there with you”

How the British law safeguards rich landlords rather than weak students

Many students, such as myself, have found themselves in a very difficult situation due to the pandemic: Student accommodation contracts.  The pandemic has changed many things, the academic aspect of university has adapted to the Covid-19 safety measures, which means that students are guaranteed online teaching sessions.  I am an Italian student, studying Politics atContinue reading “How the British law safeguards rich landlords rather than weak students”

Time management from a professional procrastinator

As a first-year university student, there are a lot of new things to get used too. However, perhaps the most important is time management. I wouldn’t say I’m the best at time management, far from it! But, given the heavy workload, I understand the importance of effective time management. Considering I’m a professional procrastinator, IContinue reading “Time management from a professional procrastinator”

Green hair and Vans – What it means to be a mature student at university

Let’s take a moment to acknowledge that taking the leap and going to university is pretty daunting. The unknown, the constant doubts: Am I good enough? Will I settle in? Will I make friends? Now ask yourself the same questions but imagine you are a forty-year-old woman. I will give you a moment to process that asContinue reading “Green hair and Vans – What it means to be a mature student at university”