As a daughter and a mother to sons, this article is difficult to write. I do not wish to label all men as threats to women. However, it goes without saying that the freedom afforded to my sons is not extended to my daughters. At fourteen and sixteen, they have both already been exposed toContinue reading “97%”

Chance encounters

Lockdown! Isolate! Stay at home, protect the NHS, save lives. But what about chance encounters, the moments that surprise and astound us? I asked a few people about their chance encounters that left a lasting impression.  Kieran Murphy, 18, from Dagenham Whist on a school trip to Brighton myself and my girlfriend were looking for anContinue reading “Chance encounters”

When your body attacks!

Sitting in the living room, a stitch in my ribs is forcing me to wiggle in my chair hoping to find comfort.  “I need a subject matter to write an article about!” I pondered aloud. As is often the case in my house, unless I am offering food or money, I am ignored. Shifting inContinue reading “When your body attacks!”

Irrational fear.

Fear, such a small word but with huge effects. Fear of the unknown, fear of the dark, fear of failure. The verb translates as to be afraid of someone or something as likely to be dangerous, painful, or harmful. But what about the unfounded fears? The untypical fears. Some people are afraid of tomato sauce, for example,Continue reading “Irrational fear.”

Boris, I take your Covid and raise you a Fluffle

Here we are again no doubt on the cusp of another Boris announcement. An assumption but a fair one, if nothing else 2020 has been consistently inconsistent, yet always at the helm of the confusion is Boris. Let’s talk about some of the words that have become more fluent this year. Brexit was pushed asideContinue reading “Boris, I take your Covid and raise you a Fluffle”

Green hair and Vans – What it means to be a mature student at university

Let’s take a moment to acknowledge that taking the leap and going to university is pretty daunting. The unknown, the constant doubts: Am I good enough? Will I settle in? Will I make friends? Now ask yourself the same questions but imagine you are a forty-year-old woman. I will give you a moment to process that asContinue reading “Green hair and Vans – What it means to be a mature student at university”