Not Driving Home For Christmas (Interview with Irina Ciorobea, Year 2 International Student)

Studying abroad is a challenge in-of-itself. Not only are you expected to leave your family and friends, you must learn to speak a new tongue, discover cultural differences and learn to belong to a society that may operate extremely differently from your own. This is already a gargantuan task, but there’s always the reassurance thatContinue reading “Not Driving Home For Christmas (Interview with Irina Ciorobea, Year 2 International Student)”

Nick: Editor-in-Chief

Hello, there. My name’s Nick and I study English Language and Teaching at the University of Greenwich. I play rugby, work in a pub and read comics. I’ve also performed on stage, I have written scripts and recorded and edited a plethora of short-films. I set up this website in my first year of uni.Continue reading “Nick: Editor-in-Chief”

The Cheer Team- Interview with Chairlady, Coach and Events Sec

The Cheer Team is well established part of Team Greenwich. They have many members and are sociable with many other sports teams. The Crow’s Nest interviewed Chairlady, Yoshie Reza Fuentes, Coach, Hannah Upton and Events Secretary, Danielle Lynn. Here is what they had to say about their team! Describe your team in one sentence. ‘OurContinue reading “The Cheer Team- Interview with Chairlady, Coach and Events Sec”

‘WOOOOOO’: Rimini Tour 2k19

Well. As I crawl my way back into Daniel Defoe after a 22-hour coach journey that spanned 5 countries- my head shaven, my voice ruined, €700-poorer and my pink, zebra-print thong riding up my arse, only one thought runs through my mind, ‘I f**king love tour!’ However much I never want to see a BacardiContinue reading “‘WOOOOOO’: Rimini Tour 2k19”

‘Going from a paddling pool to an Olympic-sized swimming pool’: An Interview on Acting with Henry Rundle

Thousands have the dream of becoming a star. Many long for their name in lights, or across tabloid newspapers for the world to see. For Henry (Harry) Rundle, 26, this isn’t the acting dream he sees when he closes his eyes at night. Harry started acting at the age of 14, whereupon he played TybaltContinue reading “‘Going from a paddling pool to an Olympic-sized swimming pool’: An Interview on Acting with Henry Rundle”

Speakeasy with UGRFC @ Belushi’s: 29th March!

They’re going out with a bang! Paired with Belushi’s Greenwich, the University of Greenwich Rugby team (UGRFC) are hosting their final event of the year on Saturday 29th March. The theme- The Roaring 20s! Oh, yes! Break out your finery ladies and gentlemen, this ones going to be a big one. We’re talking anything fromContinue reading “Speakeasy with UGRFC @ Belushi’s: 29th March!”

Pokemon Go Walk for Charity! 23/02/19

Listen up, everyone! It’s time to unleash your inner-child! This Saturday there is a special Pokemon Go walk being done for charity, hosted by the Anime and Games Society. The charity in question is ‘Special Effect Gaming’ which provides specialised games, controllers and equipment for those with disabilities, to allow them to game as easilyContinue reading “Pokemon Go Walk for Charity! 23/02/19”

Yoga and a Hiit Workout for Charity!

Hi everyone! The MA International Events Management students have organised a great event on the 19th of February for everyone to get involved with! They are working alongside side a charity called ‘KEEN London’ which provides one-on-one sports coaching for children and young adults with special needs at no cost to their families. The eventContinue reading “Yoga and a Hiit Workout for Charity!”

Studying with Autism: An Interview with James Mullholland

By Nicholas Jones We all dread waking up in the morning and heading to that 9am lecture; and no-one is particularly fond of seminars, coursework or exams. And yet for the most part, a high number of university students have an easy time of it! What a lot of people don’t consider is how otherContinue reading “Studying with Autism: An Interview with James Mullholland”