Henry’s Delegate Diary – Day 2

Day 2 was the day of reform, NUS needed to change how its business was done. Structures were complicated and not fit for purpose. The NUS Board devised a huge turnaround proposal to cut spending and keep NUS alive. Delegates debated for 4 hours on all suggested amendments to the bill (15 of them) andContinue reading “Henry’s Delegate Diary – Day 2”

University Mental Health Day 2019

In the blur of the 2019 GSU Elections Week was a day of events and stalls for University Mental Health Day. Across Greenwich, Medway and Avery Hill, staff, students and externals came together to run a program which promoted the new University Health and Wellbeing Strategy. Click here to read more about it! This strategyContinue reading “University Mental Health Day 2019”

Elections and All That- a Helpful Guide to the SU Elections – By an experienced Candidate

Every year Greenwich Students’ Union hold elections to decide which students will be the leadership for the following year. There are two kinds of role up for grabs: part-time and full-time roles. The game has been changed this year with big implications on the voting that begins 4th of March. This is article includes everythingContinue reading “Elections and All That- a Helpful Guide to the SU Elections – By an experienced Candidate”