The Fight For Independent Media

Recently, an event occurred in Poland which saw the Polish government attempting to control the flow of independent media in the entire country. Due to the fact that this was a pivotal moment that was mostly ignored by international media even though it carries extremely heavy complications to the rights of Polish citizens, I decidedContinue reading “The Fight For Independent Media”

4 Books You Need To Read In Lockdown

In the midst of quarantine and yet another national lockdown, people have found different ways to entertain themselves and make the most of the involuntary surplus of time on our hands. While it’s easy to lose yourself in that new Netflix show or broadening your horizons in the culinary world, I have personally found myselfContinue reading “4 Books You Need To Read In Lockdown”

Tips For Studying Abroad: As Told By An EU Student

The process of picking the right university is often a difficult task. Choosing the best course, working on your grades and writing personal statements are all vital components of ensuring that your embarkment on the path of higher education is fulfilling and worthwhile. A factor that is not always at the forefront of everyone’s worriesContinue reading “Tips For Studying Abroad: As Told By An EU Student”

The Killers Review: Imploding The Mirage (The Silver Lining of 2020)

Rather than writing about something terrible that happened this year (the list is too long), I have decided to offer a break with a review of one of the positive aspects of this year. 2020 graced us with the sixth studio album by the Las Vegas band The Killers, and I’m here to review it!Continue reading “The Killers Review: Imploding The Mirage (The Silver Lining of 2020)”