Vladimir Putin ordered the invasion of Ukraine last Thursday with the military moving in across Ukraine and the help of the Belarussian government and army. 

According to US President Joe Biden, Putin aspires to reestablish the USSR. The strength of NATO and the EU is holding back Putin’s goals, and this is evident with his constant threats to nations who show interest in joining NATO. Ukraine’s desire to join NATO is one of the factors behind Russia’s invasion.

What is Russia’s plan for the west?

The Kremlin’s plan is to destabilise the west, cause friction between western nations in order to weaken it and see both NATO and the EU collapse through interference and mass manipulation via social media and western allies.

How is Putin doing this?

2014 – Russia interferes with the Scottish referendum.

2016 – Cambridge Analytica which has links to Russian Oil firms helps with the Brexit campaign and the 2016 US Elections in favour of leave and Trump. 

2016 – Russia directly interferes with the 2016 US Election, in favour of Donald Trump. 

How are his western allies helping him? 

Trump has been in the media praising Putin for the invasion of Ukraine as well embracing Putin’s tactics stating they should be used on the America-Mexico border as well as telling viewers of the station to focus on the southern border. Before the invasion, Trump criticised President Joe Biden for focusing on the Ukrainian border instead of the America-Mexico border, stating “it’s always America last”.

Cambridge Analytica’s former VP Steve Bannon is a vocal Putin supporter and recently disputed Ukraine’s sovereignty.

Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson has been pushing pro-Putin rhetoric on his show and Nigel Farage has been pushing anti-NATO rhetoric on Twitter. 

The Outcome

Russian interference has helped Trump and the Brexit campaign, in return, they push Kremlin narratives that divide whether it’s through social media or Fox News.

The UK’s diplomatic relations with EU nations has been severely damaged with European Council President Donald Tusk stating there is a “special place in hell” for the Brexit campaigners. Internally due to Brexit, Britain has had to deal with staff shortages, food shortages, and higher costs of living. Now the anti-NATO rhetoric is the next focus for Farage and co. 

All of this is orchestrated to harm western relations and unity within Europe, cause division, and see major powers leave the EU and NATO. Once weakened, Putin’s ability to reclaim former USSR territories would be strengthened.

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