Rating: ★★★★★

In the opening sequence, a fan screams “MJ are you going to have Spiderman’s Spidey babies” at Michelle Jones Watson, Spider-man’s love interest, played by award winning actress Zendaya. This is a question we all have for the Marvel superhero, played by Tom Holland, in the latest Spider-Man movie ‘No Way Home’, which opened in cinemas on 15 December 2021.

Spider-Man: No Way Home unmasks the neighbourhood friendly Spider-Man’s identity as a local teenage boy from Queens, New York, Peter Parker (Tom Holland), who studies at Midtown School of Science and Technology. Many people learn Parker’s new identity as the superhero, however some still only know him as a murderer, the “Spider-Menace”, as framed by supervillain Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal).

Spider-Man’s controversies cost Parker and his friend their places at the prestigious, American college M.I.T. However, we know that Peter Parker is no normal kid, so instead of simply calling the college in a bid for them to reconsider their decision, Parker seeks Doctor Strange’s help in an attempt to make the world forget Peter Parker, disconnecting the controversies he has engulfed his friends into. The magic spell causes danger to the life he knows, forcing him to take responsibility and fight his biggest battle yet, alongside dealing with university admissions.

As in the previous Spider-Man episode movies with Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, Peter’s uncle, Benjamin Parker (Cliff Robertson) says: “With great power, comes great responsibility”. However, unlike previous films, Benjamin Parker is not present in the life of this latest Spider-Man and is perhaps the reason why Tom’s Peter makes several horrible, but hilarious, decisions that we didn’t see with Tobey and Andrew’s enactment of the superhero.

Tom and Zendaya’s magnetic off-screen chemistry shone through on-screen through their characters, Spider-Man and Michelle, whilst they worked together to defeat legendary Spider-Man villains. Revived from my childhood were Doctor Octavious, played by Alfred Molina, and Green Goblin, played by Willem Dafoe (also known for his role in DC’s Aquaman). Let’s hope the power couple does not share the same IRL fate as Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone’s relationship did.

Frustratingly, all of the iconic villains but my favourite villain of all time, the alien symbiote, Venom (played by Tom Hardy), were brought into the action of this film, however, there were lots of subtle hints at Venom’s presence. Hopefully, this confirms the next Spider-Man film will be Spider-Man versus Venom, or shall we say, Tom versus Tom.

The 27th film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Spider-Man: No Way Home, the sequel to Spider-Man: Far From Home, was the first film to hit £1,000,000,000 global revenue since the Covid-19 pandemic, making it Sony’s biggest film at the box office, even surpassing Titanic.

From cheers to tears in the cinema; this film brought out many reactions. In particular, the audience could not control expressing their emotions out loud during MJ’s jaw-dropping grand fall at the Statue of Liberty construction site, a reenactment of Gwen Stacey’s heart dropping fall at a clock tower in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, where she was played by actress Emma Stone (Cruella, 2021).

After watching Spider-Man: No Way Home, it truly felt like there was no way home. It is a film that will most definitely have you going back to cinemas again and again to re-watch until you memorise the entire script. For those who are big Spider-Man, or comic book to movie fans, then you must not miss this movie while it still plays in cinemas.

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