I recently discovered that what I thought was a beauty spot, was never that at all. I can laugh about it now, but when I first came to the realisation, I couldn’t stop crying.

I’ve had this “Beauty spot” for over ten years! When it first appeared, I hated it and was embarrassed about it, as I felt it made me look weird. Over time, I grew to love it, it became so beautiful to me and was actually my favourite feature.

I phoned my mum distraught, when I noticed my “Beauty spot” fading away. She couldn’t really understand why I had such a strong attachment to this thing. So I expressed that my beauty spot has been with me for most of my life, it’s a huge part of my identity, it’s what made me unique.

This situation reminded me of when I watched the American talk show, The Real. The former co-host and actress, Tamera Mowry-Housley, shared that when she starred on the sitcom Sister Sister, makeup was used to cover up her mole. This was done in order for her to look more identical to her twin sister, Tia Mowry-Hardrict.

She mentioned that she would often get emotional about her mole being hidden. I remember thinking ‘it’s really not that deep’, but I get it now. Losing important parts of your defining features does feel like a huge loss of identity.

However, it’s so important to remember that your identity is not just skin deep. As much as I loved that part of me, I can now let it go knowing that there is so much more to me than my “Beauty spot”.

I’m still beautiful, still gifted, still special and still unique!

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