Before we get started, here’s my star rating (please don’t hate me!)

Rating: ★★

Last Sunday I finally went to see ‘Dune’ at the Cineworld in the O2. I was quite excited to see it as I had heard good things, and Zendaya? Hello? Of course I was going to see it if Zendaya was part of the cast! So, I decided to meet up with a friend who was also keen to see it, annnnd … hello movie night!

To say I was disappointed is an understatement. It wasn’t the worst movie ever, but, for me, it was very boring. It felt as if the plot wasn’t very clear, so it became very hard to follow, and, at times, I didn’t know what was going on. Also, it felt as if there was too much going on, too much action almost; it was as if they were trying to cover up the lack of storyline with multiple explosions and fight scenes. If I was a major fan of action movies that weren’t Marvel then perhaps I would have liked it, or maybe if I had read the book beforehand I would have been able to better understand what was going on (I was very confused throughout the entire movie). I felt myself wanting to fall asleep because I wasn’t following the plot, well, and the fact it was just that boring.

I know this review is very controversial, and I’m also aware that many people would have found it brilliant, but it wasn’t for me. My friend on the other hand loved it and was gutted that I didn’t get into it, but each to their own.

Also, Zendaya didn’t have an actual ‘role’ until the end of the movie, like seriously?
But hey, at least I got a picture with Iron Man 🙂

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