A new sweet shop in Greenwich struggles to find its way around suppliers, which there are very few of. Candy Palace, a gift shop turned sweet shop, relies on the limited American suppliers for their products. Afmad, who works in the store, says that since there are few suppliers they determine the rules and can ‘play with them’ however they want. Suppliers can increase the prices of items and they cannot do anything about it. Candy Palace are currently trying to get their sweets and drinks directly from America without having to rely on overpriced suppliers, which will be better for their business.

The Covid 19 Pandemic hit Candy Palace hard. Since the business relied on tourists, the pandemic meant that these people could no longer visit the shop, decreasing their sales massively. This was a huge problem for the directorship of the company as when the Landlord asked for the rent, they couldn’t give it to them, almost causing the business to close down. To revive their business, they went around Greenwich, encouraging people to come to the shop to increase sales. The locals and students were happy with the selection of sweets and drinks in store, the engagement with the people in Greenwich saving their business.

Since Candy Palace is a new business, it will take them time to find their way around the American suppliers. Candy Palace is hopeful, and they look forward to seeing the future of the business.

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