The Cheer Team- Interview with Chairlady, Coach and Events Sec

The Cheer Team is well established part of Team Greenwich. They have many members and are sociable with many other sports teams.

The Crow’s Nest interviewed Chairlady, Yoshie Reza Fuentes, Coach, Hannah Upton and Events Secretary, Danielle Lynn.

Here is what they had to say about their team!

Describe your team in one sentence.

‘Our sports team is very supportive of each other in and out of training.’ -Yoshie

‘I’d say our team had the perfect balance of passion for the sport, trust in the team, and a love for each other as individuals’ – Dani

‘Damn I can’t think of a good one now you’ve taken all the good ones’ – Hannah

Are you exclusive to female members?

‘The team the last few years has been all female but has been coed in the past. It all depends on who comes out for the team’- Yoshie

‘Heck no! We don’t care about gender, race, religion, clothing size or any other form of personla expression!’- Dani

‘Cheer is a universal sports for everyone and anyone! We’re all about inclusivity’- Hannah

Do you have any plans for event coming up in Freshers/ Welcome week?

‘We do! We will be attending BOTH Welcome Fairs. We will also be having our own meet-and-greet where we will be holding a ‘Make a cookie/ Make a Friend’ event! We will also be having a couple of socials and even some early team bonding events! Make sure to check out our Intsgaram for updates! (shameless plug)’ – Dani

What’s your favourite thing about Cheer at Greenwich?

‘Getting all glammed for competitions is really fun, seeing other teams and showing off the work we put in for the whole year is a great feeling’- Yoshie

‘My beautiful friends. There’s a bond that happens when you’re on the team. You have an entire group of people that will support you through everything. There’s a mutual love and respect.’ – Dani

‘It’s like a home away from home! The bond that you create not only on the mat in training, helping each other gain new skills and literally put your life in other’s hands in stunts; but also off the mat in socials!’ – Hannah

Is there a joining fee and what’s it used for?

‘As with all sports teams there is a joining fee, but this depends on what type of member you are. Competition memberships are £60, Varsity memberships are £40 and Social memberships are £20.’ – Yoshie

What makes you a competitive side? (How many competitions do you do? Where? When? etc)

‘We do 2-3 competitions a year. A couple in London at the Copperbox Areana (where we were crowned National Grand Champions), and nationals at the Motorpoint Arena in Nottingham (where we placed 2nd out of 22nd teams in our division this year).‘ – Yoshie

Where and when do you train?

‘We train in 2 different venues. On Mondays we train at Avery Hill campus 7-10pm, to allow us to use the mirrors in the dance studio to teach choreography, and on Tuesdays we train at Talent Central gym 8-10pm, to allow us to practice on a sprung floor!

You don’t need any prior experience to join the cheer squad’ – Hannah

Do you have a social scene?

‘Yes we do! Every Wednesday we have a team social before going out to Lower Deck (but we have so much more than that!) Even on non-social nights we have cheer out having fun! We like to support other teams by participating in each other’s events and supporting fundraising’ – Dani

As you can see, Greenwich Mermaids are an extremely close and talented group! Don’t hesitate to get involved as much as you want, as all are welcome!

Find their Instagram here: @uog_mermaids

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