Society of Dramatic Arts – Interview with President Daniel Chedgzoy (Long version)

Photo by Daniel Chedgzoy

Describe your society in one sentence.

The Society of Dramatic Arts (SODA) is a place for anyone who has a passion for creating theatre and making work they can be proud of.

What is your main goal/plan as a society?

SODA was formed primarily to give opportunities to perform and explore theatre to students. We wanted to be able to offer an experience that wasn’t available from any other society. These opportunities have varied from play writing to performing to devising and most recently the opportunity to work with the drama Department in Producing Theatre for Edinburgh Fringe which some members will be heading up to Edinburgh this summer to do.

What are your main goals/plans for the future?

As of now SODA is still thinking about 2019-2020 but we still plan on offering amazing opportunities. We have a Theatre trip lined up for fresher’s week where we are going to see falsettos at The Other Palace. We also want to continue offering out performance opportunities, there will definitely be another play in the coming year and combined with that we also want to produce original work. I myself am a part of the playwriting course and have seen the great plays that get written, I’d love to have some of our creative writing students, or any student with a passion for writing to devise new work that can be performed. We also plan on growing our relationship with the drama department in hopes of securing acting opportunities for the shows that head up to Edinburgh. This past year we were offered the chance to apply for crew roles which was an amazing opportunity, but we’d like to expand that to performance opportunities.

What drives me personally as a president?

Honestly, this past year, being the V.P was one of the most exhausting things I’ve undertaken. It was so much bigger than what I originally thought, and there were times when I’d just want to shut out the world. Then I’d go to rehearsals and see the joy those sessions meant to all the members. At the end of the year, we performed a show. It honestly meant so much to me, seeing how happy it made all the members, When I would see someone at the beginning who was unsure of themselves, but by the end was so confident. When members would ask if we could keep rehearsing and we’d have to say no because the building was closing. It’s these things that make it worth it. I along with the other amazing committee take on the boring paperwork and organising bit, but we only do that because it brings us such joy and pride when we see all our members giving their all.

What do you love most about the society?

I’m going to sound like a broken record, but it’s genuinely the people. If I didn’t enjoy spending time with the members of the society, I would never have applied to be president. It’s the members that make the society, it’s the reason I was so proud we were nominated for Societies Community Award, a testament to the amazing community of people within SODA.

Who can join/what do your members look like?

Anyone and everyone! Any shape, size, race, religion, any person. All are welcome!

Is there a fee? If so, what is it used for?

There is! The fee going into 2019/20 is going to be £10, this is all given back to our members in the form of trips to plays (which we cover part of the ticket price), props and costume for shows along with all the other fees that come with putting on a show (we learnt last year, there is a lot of them!). We’re also in talks with Greenwich Theatre about setting up a ticket scheme that would involve us getting free tickets for our members!

SODA Instagram: @soda.uog

SODA Facebook: Uni of Greenwich – Society of Dramatic Arts

By Anne Blombach
Second year Creative Writing student, part of SODA and FemSoc and avid dog lover. Born and raised in Germany, chose London as my home in 2016. When I grow up, I want to become a journalist to provide information and raise awareness for mental illnesses and the rights of pretty much any living creature. My friends would describe me as a creative and extroverted person with great organisational skills and a passion for music and especially concerts.

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