How Green is Greenwich?

What are you willing to sacrifice for the survival of our planet?

A second to turn off lights when you leave a room.

A minute of your time sharing a post on facebook.

Carry a keep cup or a reusable bag.

Walking rather than getting the bus.

Give up meat and dairy.

Back in October, a group for students met to discuss what we could do to help Greenwich be greener. The group threw ideas around and the outcome was the ThinkGreen Society.

There are many students who do their bit for the environment but as a Students’ Union, we want to do more, we acknowledge the need to play our part in combatting the effects of climate change and we take action to move towards a greener Greenwich.

Last month I held drop-in sessions for people who had ideas about what projects we should run. We created a Group on Facebook to discuss these projects and share any ideas we see when we are out and about London.

The SU has voted on having “No Single Use Plastics at GSU”. This means in our outlets we stop giving out plastic cutlery and straws with our food and drinks sold in Change Coffee, Village Shop and Lower Deck. (Please note, We will stock bio-degradable flexible straws in the Lower Deck available on request for anyone who requires this).

Change Coffee have been using plant-based lids for their coffees for a while now and will continue to do this for all beverages. Lower Deck use biodegradable plates made from plant leaves at events. So, we already do lots in these outlets but are keen to go the next step.

This is a call to action – Act now, stop sharing green posts on social media if you are still using a plastic wrap for sandwiches, still using plastic cutlery at coffee shops.

Join Eco Team Greenwich and join in an environmental project today. The planet is not going to save itself. (If this sounds like your kinda thing Join Here!)


The Crow’s Nest is a Greenwich Students’ Union Student Media channel. The views expressed in this website do not necessarily reflect those of GSU, its trustees, employees, officers or the University of Greenwich.


Published by Henry Setter

A student of the University of Greenwich, Born in South London, Raised in South Devon, Returned to South London. Interested by everything. Never to busy for a discussion.

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