Henry’s Delegate Diary Day 3

So the final day has come and the seven of us were sat in the conference hall at 9am awaiting the last bits of business for NUS National Conference 2019.

Ohh boy I am tired, nonetheless fuelled up by coffee and hotel biscuits we are here on day 3.

We firstly voted through the reports from liberation conferences, (Mature, LGBT+, Disabled, Trans and Black Students) – And nations reports (Scotland, Wales, and NUS USI). We voted through all reports.

Motions from the Union Development and Citizenship and Society were debated and passed, and although some good work was done, many policies were not discussed, however, a debate between which city is better Birmingham and Manchester happened… So yea… That was a good use of time.

We had elections for Block of 15 who are like the student council of NUS, Elections for Student Directors (Like trustees) and the Democratic Procedures Committee. These are the guys to make sure that all debates are fair and policies are kept. Our very own Nathalie Grigorenko stood and we wait to see how she did! Best of luck Nathalie.

Drama alert: Conference floor delegates stood up and turned their back on a delegate who on day 2 praised the re-election of Israeli Benjamin Netanyahu who’s government has been killing Muslims in Palestine. Not a smart move by the delegate.

Business closed and final speeches were made from outgoing President Shakira Martin and we all decided to enjoy a bit of Glasgow before or train home.

Glasgow is beautiful for those who have never been, and is totally worth the 5 hour train from Euston. We had some laughs, lots of debate and not nearly enough sleep but that’s all from us. Thanks for following the diary and feel free to catch any of us if you fancy attending conference next year!!

Published by Henry Setter

A student of the University of Greenwich, Born in South London, Raised in South Devon, Returned to South London. Interested by everything. Never to busy for a discussion.

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