Speakeasy with UGRFC @ Belushi’s: 29th March!

They’re going out with a bang! Paired with Belushi’s Greenwich, the University of Greenwich Rugby team (UGRFC) are hosting their final event of the year on Saturday 29th March. The theme- The Roaring 20s!

Oh, yes!

Break out your finery ladies and gentlemen, this ones going to be a big one. We’re talking anything from The Great Gatsby to Peaky Blinders. Everyone, it’s time to break out the flat-caps, feather boas and fanciest attire you’ve got for this final blowout of the year.

Image result for gatsby party

Obviously Belushi’s will be offering their usual deals including:

2-4-1 VKs, £2.50 single spirits & mix, £3 pints, £2.80 Corona and £2.50 bombs!

And, of course, we’d all love to do it like they did during the prohibition when booze was cheap, but unfortunately we live in London in 2019 and we’re all students- so champers is off the table for most of us! But what’s the next best thing?


There will be a FREE glass of budget-bubbly waiting for anyone who purchases a ticket online. There will also be glasses behind the bar for £2.50 and they’ll also have some lovely staff wondering through the party with glasses to buy on trays for the same price (adding to the trays of jagers that float around and threaten to push the night downhill!)

I know it’s one I’ll definitely be going to so I hope to see you there! I’ll be the one in the waistcoat and the flat-cap!

By Nicholas Jones

The Crow’s Nest is a Greenwich Students’ Union Student Media channel. The views expressed in this website do not necessarily reflect those of GSU, its trustees, employees, officers or the University of Greenwich.

Published by Nick Jones

Rugby player, writer and performer. Videogame, comic book and old rock music enthusiast.

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