University Mental Health Day 2019

In the blur of the 2019 GSU Elections Week was a day of events and stalls for University Mental Health Day. Across Greenwich, Medway and Avery Hill, staff, students and externals came together to run a program which promoted the new University Health and Wellbeing Strategy. Click here to read more about it! Capture.PNG This strategy was written by the Univerity and Greenwich Students’ Union and sets out a plan for the next 3 years for the development of mental health support for the Greenwich community. From online resources such as “Big White Wall”, to mental health first aid training for tutors, the strategy has something for everyone. At the Students’ Union, we are very grateful to be involved in the writing of this strategy and welcome the support for our GSU Advice team. Our advice team provides academic support to students when a student is in conflict with the University. Find out more at University Portal Ad The day of events also included a number of free talks; I attended one by Pro-Vice-Chancellor Prof Derek Moore on “Life Transitions” explaining how everyone is constantly moving from one stage of their life to another from infancy to retirement. Changing from one stage to another is stressful however we are all experiencing similar stresses. Finding little “Uplifts” keeps us positive and add a bit of colour to the greyest of days. 53752184_1219893134852890_6557177805468073984_n We also had a visit from Rugby World Cup Winner Matt Dawson MBE who met students and staff and joined in on a game of touch rugby! You can try out touch rugby every Friday at Avery Hill – Join the group here! You can read more about Matt’s Visit here – Staff put on a casual knitting class teaching some students the basics, knitting and other activity that requires focus is a really good way to escape the day to day worries. Occupational therapy has been used for years and the upsurge of mindfulness has this idea at its core. Better than just offering a distraction, you get to produce something to treasure too! 54278010_573769643135916_8961554867759874048_n The key message from the day and all the work I do is: University is a transformational experience and it can get tough for everyone, but the Students’ Union and your peers are here to help you. We all have wobbles and that’s okay, the people around you are here to keep you pushing on. By Henry Setter

The Crow’s Nest is a Greenwich Students’ Union Student Media channel. The views expressed in this website do not necessarily reflect those of GSU, its trustees, employees, officers or the University of Greenwich.

Published by Henry Setter

A student of the University of Greenwich, Born in South London, Raised in South Devon, Returned to South London. Interested by everything. Never to busy for a discussion.

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