We’re all good people really!

Photograph by Nicholas Jones

Story time,

I was sitting on the DLR on my way back to halls, and I had a two-person bench to myself, sitting opposite another two-person bench actually being used by two people.

As we approached the next stop, the man opposite me got up to leave, and as he left he tapped me on the shoulder (I had my headphones on) and pointed out that my train ticket had fallen onto the seat. Now admittedly I didn’t need the ticket anymore, but the fact that he pointed it out could’ve saved me a lot of hassle and money. I said thank you, and off he went.

As the man left, a young couple no older than myself boarded the carriage. I saw that they were looking for somewhere to sit (preferably together) but the train was very busy and there were no two seats together. I thought of the little act of kindness that the man had just shown me, and now (given that he had just left an empty seat opposite me) I nudged the young couple and told them to have the two-seater I was currently taking up on my own.

The man that had shown me kindness, had left an empty seat and given me the opportunity to show some kindness myself, and allow this young couple to sit together. The young couple said thank you, and the journey continued.

What I saw next was incredible. As if a domino effect, the young lady from the couple who had just sat down, then spotted a cuddly toy, that a child in a pram had dropped, and gave it back to the mother who hadn’t realised it was missing. The (presumably) parents of the child said thank you to the girl, and the journey carried on.

Continuing the trend, the (presumably) father, then helped an elderly lady onto the DLR as she was struggling with her trolley full of belongings. She said thank you, and the journey moved along.

It’s at this point, that I departed the train so I don’t know if any more good will was shown on this ongoing train of selfless acts- though I like to think it was.

People in London have the stereotype of being grumpy, only looking out for themselves and making their own journey as comfortable as possible for themselves (which may be the case some of the time)! But I think it’s important never to forget that everyone is just another person going about their day, and to remember to help others when we can, in both the biggest ways and littlest ways.

By Nicholas Jones

The Crow’s Nest is a Greenwich Students’ Union Student Media channel. The views expressed in this website do not necessarily reflect those of GSU, its trustees, employees, officers or the University of Greenwich.

Published by Nick Jones

Rugby player, writer and performer. Videogame, comic book and old rock music enthusiast.

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