Elections and All That- a Helpful Guide to the SU Elections – By an experienced Candidate

Every year Greenwich Students’ Union hold elections to decide which students will be the leadership for the following year. There are two kinds of role up for grabs: part-time and full-time roles. The game has been changed this year with big implications on the voting that begins 4th of March. This is article includes everything you need to know!


Part-time Roles

Students can run for a part-time role which is done on a volunteered basis and runs alongside your studies. The part-time positions include the faculty officers and sports and society executives. In March we elect just the faculty officers (the sports and soc exec will happen in term 3). Four students per faculty are elected and their job is to hear about the issues happening on the ground and work with University and Student Union Staff to combat these.  The successful candidates are provided with training before starting their tenure the start of the 19/20 academic year.

Remember you’re electing 4 so make sure you don’t just vote for one person (voting tips are listed later on in this article).

We are no longer have the Part-Time Officers and so you’ll not be electing; LGBTQ+, International, Volunteering, Disabled, Women, BAME and Campus Officers. We are replacing these this year for paid researchers who will work on engaging hard to reach student groups.

Full-time Roles

This is where we see the biggest changes! Last year there were four different roles that candidates could run for; President, Welfare, Education and Activities. This year instead of that, all full time officers will be running for one of the four GSU Officer roles. This now mirrors the style of faculty officer elections. This means that all candidates are competing against each other and the roles are highly contested. There is no easy way in to these roles. You have to be in the top 4 to win!

The candidate with the most votes after looking at the preferences listed by voters will be the President. The new team will then divide up the responsibilities of the team between them once they are in post.

Each candidate for both full-time and part-time roles submits a manifesto (plan) outlining what they would do if elected. You can check these out on the SU website from the Thursday 21st Feb.



Understanding how the voting works is key to ensuring you get the best team in for next year. On your voting slip (or online) you will see the role title and then a list of all the people running for that role. (There will be a lot of names). Next to each name is a box. Your job is to rank the candidates from #1 to as many as you want. However we suggest you at least mark your top 4, (#1, #2, #3 and #4). If your first preference doesn’t win, your vote will still count if you put a second (and third ect.) preference in.

If you want a particular candidate to be president make sure to put them #1. This voting method is called single transferable vote and you can find out more here.

Voting opens 4th of March and closes 4pm on the 7th so do not miss your chance to have a say!

Now for My Bit

Now you know all the facts about the voting and roles, I will say that I, myself am re-running for the GSU Officer place and hoping to be next years GSU President. I am happy to have a chat about why I am running but you can check my page out on Facebook here or on Instagram here. See you all soon! Happy voting!


By Henry Setter

The Crow’s Nest is a Greenwich Students’ Union Student Media channel. The views expressed in this website do not necessarily reflect those of GSU, its trustees, employees, officers or the University of Greenwich.

Published by Henry Setter

A student of the University of Greenwich, Born in South London, Raised in South Devon, Returned to South London. Interested by everything. Never to busy for a discussion.

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